Protecting our environment

Protecting and maintaining our natural environment

Our city is fortunate to include a wonderfully vibrant and richly diverse natural environment, a sanctuary for a variety of animals and plants including endangered species.

Sadly, the growing challenges posed by a growing population, urban development, pest animals, weeds and climate change threaten its ecological sustainability.

Protecting our environment and biodiversity is a shared responsibility and together with the support of our partners and community, we are actively working to preserve and enhance our city’s natural resources to ensure they will survive and thrive for generations to come.

Green wedge

Protect, Preserve, Enhance

With a designated Green Wedge area and one of the largest networks of open spaces in metropolitan Melbourne, our ongoing efforts to protect and support our natural environment are achieved by building and sharing our knowledge of innovative ways to sustainably care for our environment, and by encouraging a stronger connection between our community and nature.

We also do this by supporting a response to climate and energy sustainability issues, improving how we accommodate and integrate our natural environment alongside our built environment, using environmental best practice in the care and maintenance of our open spaces, and through a range of environmental initiatives, resident support programs and community stewardship. 

We encourage our residents to protect and nurture the local environment.

Residents can get involved in a variety of ways including using composting systems to reduce waste, joining your local Landcare group, controlling weeds and pests and attending nature walks and seminars throughout Manningham.

See the links below to find practical ways you can be part of a sustainable solution to preserve the beauty of Manningham for many generations to come.

biodiversity plant Drosera peltata

We celebrate all forms of life big and small in our community, learn about the most common plants and ecology and our guidance around them.

Koala and Joey in tree

We celebrate all forms of life big and small in our community, learn about the most common creatures and our guidance around them.

Grandmaother And Childs Hands About To Touch

We are actively working to raise awareness and build greater community understanding and participation in preserving our natural spaces.

Green wedge

Learn about the designated a special ‘Green Wedge’ area for the protection of natural and rural values.


These grants are designed to help property owners with land care education, land stewardship, pest and animal control and ecological improvement works.

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